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COOKED: An Inner City Nursing Memoir
212 pages
$13.99 plus $4.00 shipping

AJN Book of the Year Award 2005

Set in inner city Chicago in the early 1970's Cooked is a memoir about becoming a nurse at the 2200 bed Cook County Hospital in an era marked by racial, political, and medical activism. Despite the fact that LOOK magazine called it "a terrible place" in May 1971, over one hundred student nurses chose to train there. Read reviews and more >>

"This book should be required reading in every 'Introduction to Nursing' class."
Linda Simunek, Nursing Professor

185 pages, 60 images
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Bergen County Historic Preservation Award for Education 2007

Carol Karels and her team of eighteen historians weave a masterful account of the struggle in northeastern New Jersey from the perspectives of all involved. Here in Bergen County, Thomas Paine conceived the first of his Crisis Papers beginning with the words "These are the times that try men's souls." From Washington's desperate November 1776 retreat to the Delaware to the Continental army's epic August 1781 march to destiny at Yorktown, The Revolutionary War in Bergen County examines one of the Revolutionary War's most dramatic and pivotal fronts.

"This book sets the record straight about the vitality of the region's Revolutionary War era history. The essays of the eighteen historians weave a fascinatingly detailed and enthralling account of some of the darkest but also among the most heroic days in the creation of the United States. Most important, what editor Carol Karels calls the "hidden history" of Bergen County leaves the reader curious and thirsty for more." Peter Fearon, Northern Valley Suburbanite, March 2009

128 pages, 222 photos
$20.00 plus $4.00 shipping

Its proximity to New York City’s major universities, performing centers, theaters, galleries, and art schools has contributed to making the town a home for many of the twentieth century’s foremost artists, scientists, and academics. With hundreds of vintage photographs, Leonia offers the reader an overview of a town that has been called the English Neighborhood, West Fort Lee, and the Athens of New Jersey.  Leonia explores the fascinating town that was settled in 1668 by Dutch and English farmers. Leonia was a crossroads of the Revolution and a training ground for Civil War soldiers. The town remained a farming community until the late 1800s, when it experienced enormous economic and cultural growth. Prominent artists were first to arrive. Advances in transportation, such as the West Side subway, the ferries, and the trolley systems, made it possible for many to commute to the city. This pictorial history illustrates how Leonia soon became a haven for some of the nation’s most creative minds, including five Nobel Prize winners.

46 pages, 15 stories, 47 photos
$10.00 plus $4.00 shipping

Fifteen stories and 47 photos of old Leonia.
  Read about the Lenape Indians in the area, Leonia during the Revolutionary War, the Civil War Drill Hall, the Art Colony, the history of Overpeck Park, the Volunteer Fire Department, the old Golf Course, Leonia’s Nobel Prize winners, the threat of Route 80, and much more.

BULGARIA! A Folk Tour Adventure with Jim Gold
90 pages
$10.00 plus $4.00 shipping

Folklore is the heart and soul of ancient, beautiful, mysterious, and undiscovered Bulgaria. Join Carol and forty others as they danced and sang their way through Bulgarian cities and villages: Bansko, Plovdiv, Veliko Turnovo, Koprivshtitsa, Kovachevski, and Dobarsko.

GREECE! A Folk Tour Adventure with Jim Gold (New!)
76 pages
$10.00 plus $4.00 shipping

Folklore is alive and hidden in little-known countries such as Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, and along the less-traveled paths of know countries like Greece, Turkey and Israel. Experience the magic, music, and merriment of Greece in 2008: Athens, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Delphi, Olympia, Kalambaka, Meteora, Nafplio, Kastraki and the Greek Islands.

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